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About ScrapBook

ScrapBook is a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS), a software platform where higher educational institutions can implement, deliver, and assess educational courses efficiently and effectively, supplementing both traditional ways of teaching and learning and e-learning.


Main User Roles

Nick Williams

An Administrator has access to all the features of ScrapBook and can manage the rest of the user roles within the LMS.

Lili Bocouse

An Instructor of ScrapBook can create different types of content and examinations for the students. Each instructor may have a Teaching Assistant(s) for their support.

Esther Howard
Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants are enrolled in Scrapbook to support instructors in managing the learning processes and student activities.

Jane Cooper

A student who enrolls in Scrapbook can study through the subject, unit, and lesson-wise content, participate in different examinations, and check their performance.

Why Choose Us?

Main Dashboard

Research shows that platforms like ScrapBook with e-learning facilities succeed across all phases of education systems, and they are constantly increasing.

Session Management

ScrapBook can be consumed for blended learning (a mix of online and classroom face-to-face learning) within the traditional teaching-learning process and exclusive
e-learning as a tool for distance learning.


ScrapBook can help continuity in education, monitor progress and performance, increase teacher-student engagement, and customize teaching-learning experiences.

Significant Benefits
of Using ScrapBook LMS


Cost-effectiveness and consistency


Timely content with flexible accessibility


Efficient distribution of class materials and resources


Diverse assessment options


Value for all the users

Modules of ScrapBook

Subjects Module

  • Create or edit subjects, units, and lessons
  • Conduct live classes
  • Content Module
    • Recorded videos, text-based content, and materials or resources
    • Maintain subject-related documents
  • Packages
    • Timed or lifetime accessed packages
    • Access codes or offers

Courses Module

  • Create or edit courses
  • Publish content (videos and text-based content) within the course
  • Conduct exams

Resources Module

  • Question bank with MCQ and true or false questions
  • Paper bank with MCQ, true or false, structured, and essay papers

Examination Module

  • Create live exams or timed exams or exams with no time bound
  • Automatic exam creation from question bank
  • Paper Marking Module
    • MCQ and true or false questions auto-grading
    • PDF marker for structured and essay paper grading
    • Assign teaching assistants to mark papers
    • Assign payments
    • Review papers marked by teaching assistants
    • Maintain grade book
    • View exam rank list or leaderboard

Announcements Module

  • Send announcements to students from the institute or instructor
  • View subject-specific or institute-wide announcements

User Management

  • Create and assign accounts to instructors or teaching assistants or students
  • Manage all users
  • Validate instructors and teaching assistants
  • Enroll students into subjects (manual enrollment)
  • View statistics about exams and student progress


  • Lecturer reports
  • Teaching assistant reports
  • Grading reports
  • View student information and statistic for each subject
  • Financial reports

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